1 Beatboxer-Singer

3 Hip Hop Dancers

WAB & ETINCELLES (The Sparkles) are taking us to save the world !
"The only solution comes from the microgroove »

WAB, composer-performer, sings, beatboxes and uses and creates loops with his voice and keyboards.
The singer musician produces a powerful and catchy sound.
The Soul Pop Funk straight out of its microphone, impulses the choreographies of the Etincelles Company, which shine towards the stars and transport us on a galactic journey.

The three Hip Hop dancers offer to the audience funky sequences using Locking, Popping and Waacking, choreographed by Tom Lerville.

Funk music is a universal and positive vibration that brings people together. The live energy circulates between the artists, and we are invited to join them, beyond space and time, in their Disco-Funk world.
The fusion of styles, the mixing of genres, offers an ode to difference, a wave for celebration.
“By their talent, their flow, their body, these beautiful flowers amaze us, light the dance floor and we want more!”

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